Editorial issue 294

The first 3 papers of this 294th issue of NDT-E all deal with dialysis topics.
C Basile C and C Lomonte  deal in Clin Kidney J with "A neglected issue in dialysis pratice: haemodialysate". Then EC Murray et al. publish in NDT on "Gram-negative bacteraemia in haemodialysis". Next C. D’Alessandro  et al. present in BMC Nephrol "The "phosphorus pyramid": a visual tool for dietary phosphate management in dialysis and CKD patients".
Next, a completely different topic: have a look, again in NDT at  "Aristolochia clematitis, the herb responsible for aristolochic acid nephropathy, in an uncultivated piece of land of an Italian nephrologist", by GB Fogazzi and C. Bellincioni!
Finally, a basic science paper improving our understanding of the implications of albuminuria. JJ. Chun et al. indeed report in the JCI that "Albumin-associated free fatty acids induce macropinocytosis in podocytes".

CME lectures   
The 4 CME lectures released with this issue of NDT-E, and presented a year ago at ERA-EDTA in Amsterdam, all deal with nephrology in children.
Dr Burkhard Toenshoff (Heidelberg, Germany) first discusses "Transplantation in children".
Then, Dr Martin Konrad (Münster, Germany) deals with "Inherited kidney diseases in children".
Next, Dr Alberto Edefonti (Milan, Italy) provides an overview on "Dialysis in children".
And Dr Licia Peruzzi (Turin, Italy) reviews "Immune mediated kidney diseases in children".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational