Editorial issue 295

This 295th editorial of NDT-Edu starts with 5 very different papers, all relevant to nephrologists.
Firstly HY Gee  et al. publish in the J Clin Invest that "KANK deficiency leads to podocyte dysfunction and nephrotic syndrome". Then G Jean et al discuss in CKJ the "Usefulness and feasibility of measuring ionized calcium in haemodialysis patients". Next SM Schneider et al. report in Nephrol. Dial. Transplant on the "Effect of a single dialysis session on cognitive function in CKD5D patients: a prospective clinical study". Next B Li et al. again in NDT  discuss "Understanding cost of care for patients on renal replacement therapy: looking beyond fixed tariffs". Finally, Ray Vanholder et al. publish in Kidney int a paper entitled "Once upon a time in dialysis: the last days of Kt/V?"

CME lectures   
The 4 CME lectures for this 295th issue all were presented in Amsterdam, at ERA-EDTA last year . Pr Bert Bammens (Leuven, Belgium) presents "Glucose sparing strategies in PD". Next Pr Jürgen Floege (Aachen, Germany) dscusses the topic "Glomerular diseases in 2014: any translational progress?". Then, Pr Gert Mayer (Innsbruck, Austria) presents an overview on "Stratified medicine for diabetic nephropathy". Finally, Pr Janet Radcliffe Richards (Oxford, UK) presents on "Careless thought costs lives", a discussion of the ethics of transplantation.

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational