Editorial issue 296

In the first of the 5 papers of the 296th issue , Raymond Vanholder et al discuss in NDT a topic of major relevance : "Cost of renal replacement: how to help as many as possible while keeping expenses reasonable".
The next 3 papers all deal with aspects of CKD-MBD. Nakanishi et al first review, again in NDT, "Novel iron-containing phosphate binders and anemia treatment in CKD: oral iron intake revisited". Next A dusso et al. discuss in CKJ "The hypercalcaemia of CYP24A1 inactivation: new ways to improve diagnosis and treatment". And P Evenepoel et al review in Kidney Int the rapidly moving field of "Sclerostin and DKK1: new players in renal bone and vascular disease".
Finally, Stephan Wagner et al. , again in CKJ, report on "Observation of microbubbles during standard dialysis treatments"

The slides of the 5 CME sessions presented at ERA-EDTA in Amsterdam and released with this 296th issue of NDT-E are devoted to vascular access in dialysis.
Prof Carlo Basile (Taranto, Italy) first discusses "Preoperative assessment and access strategies". Next, Dr Robert R. Quinn (Calgary, Canada) reviews the topic "Access selection: evidence-based decision-making". Then, Prof Pietro Ravani (Calgary, Canada)  presents "Access use, monitoring and surveillance".
Next Sabine Van Der Veer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) presents on Selecting high priority topics in vascular access: a mutual agreement between clinicians and patients". Finally Prof Laura Labriola (Brussels, Belgium) discusses the "Pharmacological prophylaxis of access complications".

Enjoy NDT-Edu, be it at home, at work, or for some of you, elsewhere during the holiday season!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor in Chief NDT-Educational