Editorial issue 299

For this 299th issue of NDT-Edu, let us start with a recent KI paper. Morales E performed a head to head comparison the impact of various diuretics combined with an ACEI or ARB on albuminuria "Diverse diuretics regimens differentially enhance the antialbuminuric effect of renin-angiotensin blockers in patients with chronic kidney disease".
The next 3 papers are from the most recent ones in NDT. C. Gast first reports that "Collagen (COL4A) mutations are the most frequent mutations underlying adult focal segmental glomerulosclerosis". Next, L. Cosmai  publishes a review "Onco-nephrology: a decalogue". Then  PA Schytz  et al. studied the "Impact of extracorporeal blood flow rate on blood pressure, pulse rate and cardiac output during haemodialysis". Finally, in a recent CKJ paper F Claverie-Martin reviews "Familial hypomagnesaemia with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis : clinical and molecular characteristics".

CME lectures   
The 3 CME Lectures for this issue deal with key aspects of Kidney Transplantation. Dr Marc Hazzan (Lille, France) discusses "How should we manage the patient with a failing graft?". Next Dr Hallvard Holdaas (Oslo, Norway) presents on "Marginal deceased and living donor: how far can we go?". Finally, Dr Julio Pascual (Barcelona, Spain) discusses "The old recipient: problems and challenges".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational