Editorial issue 300

“Tempus fugit” said the Romans some 2000 years ago. A free translation might be:  “Time is flying rapidly”. This is indeed the issue 300 (!) of NDT-E, started around 13 years ago by Professor Carmine Zoccali, the current Editor in chief of NDT. Let me take advantage of this opportunity to thank him,  Prof Peter Stenvinkel, the second Editor in chief of NDT-E, and Francesca Trebelli, the managing editor of NDT-E, from the ERA-EDTA Office, for their vision and invaluable contribution in developing NDT-E.

It should thus come as no surprise that the current issue mostly highlights recent NDT papers. Under the now classical “PRO/CONTRA/MODERATOR’S VIEW” format , experts in the field indeed discuss the complex issue of advising or not weight loss prior to wait-listing for kidney transplantation. See the papers by
RK Detwiler: Weight loss prior to transplant: no.
KL Lentine KL C :Pretransplant weight loss: yes.
MS Sever and Zoccali C : Moderator's view: Pretransplant weight loss in dialysis patients: cum grano salis.
RK Detwiler Opponent’s comments.
KL Lentine KL Opponent’s comments
All the links in the "Full Papers" section: http://www.ndt-educational.org/page-23-0-0-142--fullpapers.php

Finally, let me draw your attention to a recent JCI paper: JH Baek JH  indeed report that “IL-34 mediates acute kidney injury and worsens subsequent chronic kidney disease.”

CME lectures   
On the occasion of the issue 300 of NDT-E, I am happy to mention that NDT-E starts the release of presentations from the recent London ERA-EDTA congress
Prof. Vladimir Tesar (Prague, Czech Republic) first discusses “ Managing thrombotic risk in patients with nephrotic syndrome.”. Then  Prof. Jeremy Levy (London, UK) reviews” Proteinuria in patients with HIV”.
Prof. Jürgen Floege (Aachen, Germany) next discusses “Which patients with IgA nephropathy benefit from immunotherapy ?”
Finally, Prof. Loreto Gesualdo (Bari, Italy) provides an overview on” Which patients with diabetes and proteinuria need renal biopsy ?”

And finally do not miss the new post of "Hot topics - YNP" blog: Interstitial renal fibrosis by Rafael Kramann and take the two quizzes at the end of the post.

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational