Editorial issue 306

Let me start this new year by wishing you and  yours a fruitful, happy and hopefully peaceful year 2016.
The first 3  papers selected for this 306th issue deal with the place of phosphate binders in CKD prior to dialysis. They rely on the now classical PRO/CONTRA/MODERATOR design, in NDT A Bellasi firstly argues "Pro: Should phosphate binders be used in chronic kidney disease stage 3-4?". Then, B Kestenbaum argues "Con: Phosphate binders in chronic kidney disease". And C Zoccali C and F Mallamaci  publish the Moderator's view: "Phosphate binders in chronic kidney disease patients: a clear 'No' at the moment, but stay tuned". Now doubt  you will enjoy these uptodate, crisp publications.
Next V Gracchi et al report on the "Prevalence and distribution of (micro)albuminuria in toddlers", again in NDT. Finally, A Masengu et al in Clin Kidney J  publish on "Clinical predictors of arteriovenous fistula functional patency in a European cohort".

CME lectures   
The 3 CME lectures released with this issue of NDT-E are from top speakers of the London ERA-EDTA congress. Pr David Wheeler (London, UK) first discusses "Dyslipidaemia in CKD: a risk factor for CV disease and CKD progression?". Then  Pr Christoph Wanner (Wurzburg, Germany) provides an overview on "Current guidelines and treatment strategies for dyslipidemia in CKD". And next, Pr Bruno Watschinger (Vienna, Austria) reviews "Important trials in transplantation in the last 12 months".

Enjoy NDT-Educational

Happy 2016!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational