Editorial issue 307

The 5 papers selected for this 307th issue of NDT-E all were recently published in one of the journals of ERA-EDTA.
The first three are from NDT Vito Campese VM firstly focusses on a recently described entity, of unclear etiology as yet, and a  topic of definite current interest  "The MesoAmerican nephropathy: a regional epidemic of chronic kidney disease?". Next JW Booth JW et al publish a large seris on "Clinical characteristics and outcomes of HIV-associated immune complex kidney disease". And A Massart A et al report "The DESCARTES-Nantes survey of kidney transplant recipients displaying clinical operational tolerance identifies 35 new tolerant patients and 34 almost tolerant patients".
The last 2 papers were recently published in CKJ. Remember:all CKJ papers are currently indexed in pubmed, and published as open access (thus freely available). R. Wanchoo  et publish on "Renal effects of BRAF inhibitors: a systematic review by the Cancer and the Kidney International Network" Finally, L Del Vecchio L et al review "Safety concerns about intravenous iron therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease."

CME lectures   
Both CME lectures released with this issue were presnented at ERA-EDTA in London. Pr Prof. Stephane Burtey (Marseille, France) discusses "Aryl hydrocarbon receptor, a new signaling pathway activated by uremia". And next, Pr Francesco Locatelli (Lecco, Italy) provides an onverview on "Why should higher volume HDF improve patient  survival?".

Enjoy NDT-Educational

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational