Editorial issue 309

The papers selected for this 309th issue of NDT-E highlight several advances in translational/basic science research in nephrology. They all were recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI).
C. Goettsch et al publish a paper showing that  "Sortilin mediates vascular calcification via its recruitment into extracellular vesicles". Next, YT Chang et al.report that "DNA methyltransferase inhibition restores erythropoietin production in fibrotic murine kidneys". In the third paper, X Bai  et al deal with "CYP24 inhibition as a therapeutic target in FGF23-mediated renal phosphate wasting disorders". In the fourth one, again delaing with FGF23, J Rossaint J et al report that "FGF23 signaling impairs neutrophil recruitment and host defense during CKD". Finally, H Yu  et al highlight "A role for genetic susceptibility in sporadic focal segmental glomerulosclerosis".

CME lectures   
The 3 CMEs selected for this 309th issue all deal with hot aspects of kidney transplantation. Pr Thomas Fehr (Zurich, Switzerland) firstly reviews "Post-transplantation DSA – ignore, follow, treat?". Next,  Pr Ondrej Viklicky (Prague, Czech Republic) discusses "What is the best HLA-desensitisation protocol with regard to long term outcomes?". Finally,  Pr Willem Weimar (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) provides an overview on "Kidney exchange and domino-paired transplantation".

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Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational