Editorial issue 320

This 320th issue of NDT-E provides online access to 5 recent interesting papers.
Mario Nuvolone et al. first review in NDT "Systemic amyloidosis: novel therapies and role of biomarkers".
Then, Alexander H. Kirsch et al report, again in NDT, a study devoted to "Performance of hemodialysis with novel medium cut-off dialyzers" too.
Next S Habbous et al. have performed a meta-analysis reported in NDT on "The efficacy and safety of sevelamer and lanthanum versus calcium-containing and iron-based binders in treating hyperphosphatemia in patients with chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis"
The last 2 papers are recent ones from the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ).
Josephine Sau Fan Chow et al. report on "RENEW—a renal redesign project in predialysis patient care".
Finally, in CKJ again, Reem Daloul and Aubrey R. Morrison review the "Approach to atherosclerotic renovascular disease".

The oral presentations released with this issue of NDT-E all deal with aspects of kidney TP-
Professor Marc Hazzan (Lille, France)  first discusses the usefulness of risk scors in kidney TP-
Then, Prof Marco Citerrio (Rome, Italy)reviews the implications of bariatric surgery before and after TP-
Finally, Prof Licia Peruzzi (Torino, Italy) reviews what the nephrologist should know aqbout kidney TP into an abnormal urinary tract-

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational