Editorial issue 324

This issue of NDT-E will give access, as usual, to 5 papers of interest. The first 3 ones were recently published in NDT.
In the first one, Richard Glassock, stresses the importance of long-term control of albuminuria in CKD, and in diabetic nephropathy in particular. The title of this very clear contribution is "Control of albuminuria in overt diabetic nephropathy: durability counts".
Next, Tamer Rezk et al. publish on "Diagnosis, pathogenesis and outcome in leucocyte chemotactic factor 2 (ALECT2) amyloidosis". Then Laurent Weekers, et al. report that "The closure of arteriovenous fistula in kidney transplant recipients is associated with an acceleration of kidney function decline".

The other 2 papers were recently published in CKJ. Claire Trivin, et al. report on "Infectious complications of a rituximab-based immunosuppressive regimen in patients with glomerular disease".
Finally Josanne S. de Maar et al. Report on "GUIDE, a structured pre-dialysis programme that increases the use of home dialysis".

CME lectures

The 5 lectures released with this 324th issue of NDT-E all deal with CKD-MBD and were given by top experts in the field at ERA-EDTA in Vienna
The first one, by Marc Vervloet, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, deals with "Will Klotho and FGF23 make you change your clinical practice?".
Next, Jordi Bover, Barcelona, Spain discusses the place of "Alkaline phosphatase as a biomarker in the field". Then Pieter Evenepoel, Leuven, Belgium reviews and discusses "PTH resistance in CKD".
The following talk, by David Goldsmith, London, United Kingdom reviews "For PTH management What do observational and intervention studies teach us?"
Finally, Pablo Antonio Ureña Torres, Saint-Ouen, France discusses "What is the role of bone biopsy and bone biomarkers?".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational