Editorial issue 332

This 332nd issue of NDT-E starts with a transslational paper, recently published by the JCI. W Bess  et al (the group of S Somlo, from Yale), indeed report that "Isolated polycystic liver disease genes define effectors of polycystin-1 function".
The next 4 papers all were recently published in NDT
A Burlacu et al first discuss "The quest for equilibrium: exploring the thin red line between bleeding and ischaemic risks in the management of acute coronary syndromes in chronic kidney disease patients".
Next L Nazzal  et al report "Microbiome perturbation by oral vancomycin reduces plasma concentration of two gut-derived uremic solutes, indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate, in end-stage renal disease".
Then DA Wu et al report on "Barriers to living donor kidney transplantation in the United Kingdom: a national observational study".
Finally KM Wissing and D Abramowicz discuss and review "Unacceptable human leucocyte antigens: how to navigate between increased immunological risk and waiting time?".

CME lectures   
The 2 CME lectures relased with this issue of NDT-E both deal with the heart!
Pr. Marc Vervloet (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) discusses "Future perspectives in the treatment of uremic cardiomyopathy".
And Pr. Frank Flachskampf (Uppsala, Sweden  orvides an overview on "Non-invasive assessment of cardiac structure and function – what nephrologists must know".

Enjoy NDT-Educational!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational