Editorial Issue 223


Resveratrol improves renal microcirculation


In the 223rd issue of NDT-E you will find a series of interesting novel full papers that may increase your knowledge in nephrology. In the first full paper, published in J Clin Invest, Britta George et al. present observations suggesting that activation of a Cas-Crk1/2–dependent complex is necessary for foot process effacement observed in distinct subsets of human glomerular diseases. In another interesting full paper published in J Clin Invest, Eric Berglund et al. demonstrate that direct leptin action on proopiomelanocortin neurons does not reduce food intake, but is sufficient to normalize glucose and glucagon levels in mice otherwise lacking leptin receptor. In an interesting review published in Kidney Int.Jeffrey Turner et al. discuss the limited therapies at hand to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. In their review they conclude that in addition to the paucity of proven effective therapies, the incomplete application of existing treatments, the education of patients about their disease, and the transition to ESRD care remain major practical barriers to improve outcomes in this patient group. In another full paper published in Kidney Int, Joseph Holthoff et al. show in a mouse model that resveratrol may have a dual mechanism of action to restore the renal microcirculation and scavenge reactive nitrogen species, thus protecting the tubular epithelium even when administered after the onset of sepsis. In a full paper published in NDT, Igor Nikolov et al. show that in a mouse model the beneficial effect of the phosphate binder lanthanum carbonate differed from that of sevelamer in that it did not appear to exert its vascular effects via changes in oxidative stress or bone remodeling. In the final full paper in this issue of NDT-E, Belinda Spoto et al. present clinical data that support the hypothesis that insulin resistance is a relevant factor in the pathogenesis of myocardiopathy in in ESRD patients.


In this issue of NDT-E 2012 you will also find three interesting oral presentations from the ERA-EDTA meeting in Prague 2011. In the first talkMarkus Ketteler, Coburg, Germany will present a talk entitled “THE LINK BETWEEN CKD/MBD AND BLOOD VESSELS” in which, among other things, he discusses the complicated role of Fetuin-A in premature calcification. In the 2nd talk, Carsten Wagner, Zürich, Switzerland will discuss “PHYSIOLOGY OF RENAL P-HANDLING AND THERAPEUTIC CONSEQUENCES”. Finally, Jorge B. Cannata Andia, Oviedo, Spain will discuss “OSTEOPOROSIS, ADYNAMIC BONE DISEASE AND CKD”.


Please also take some of your time to answer the survey by Dr. Paula Specht and Dr. Vincent Brandeburg on calcific uremic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis).


Enjoy your NDT-E!


Peter Stenvinkel, Editor in Chief NDT-Educational