Editorial issue 225

Learn more about in pregnancy in patients with chronic kidney disease



In the 225th issue of NDT-E you will find several interesting full papers to read. In the February issue of Kidney Int, Rebecca J Suckling et al. demonstrate in 10 normotensive volunteers (using a randomized, crossover design) that a change in plasma sodium concentration occurs each time a meal containing salt is consumed. The authors suggest that a potential mechanism for the changes in blood pressure seen with salt intake may be through its effects on plasma sodium concentration. In another full Kidney Int paper Marisa D Covington et al. show that glucose-induced loss of calpain 10 in vivo results in renal cell apoptosis and organ failure through accumulation of mitochondrial calpain 10 substrates and mitochondrial dysfunction. In an interesting editorial published in NDT Carlo Basile et al. discuss a potential new era for arteriovenous grafts. In another clinical useful NDT paper Csaba Kovesdy discusses the substantial incidence and prevalence and significant adverse outcomes associated with dysnatremias in CKD patients. In the 3rd NDT paper Nazrul Jafry et al. demonstrate that raised S-creatinine at presentation does not in itself adversely affect steroid response in adults with primary FSGS. Finally, in a review published in J Nephrol Susana Machado et al. discuss complications in pregnant women with CKD, such as preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome, acute fatty liver of pregnancy and thrombotic microangiopathies.


In this issue of NDT-E you will also find four oral presentations from the ERA-EDTA meeting in Prague 2011 focusing on pregnancy and kidney disease. In the first talk Jean-Michel Foidart, Liège, Belgium will discuss “NEWS IN THE PATHOGENESIS AND TREATMENT OF PREECLAMPSIA”. In the 2nd talk, Giorgina B. Piccoli, Turin, Italy will discuss “PREGNANCY IN CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE: A DIAGNOSTIC AND THERAPEUTIC CHALLENGE FROM THE EARLY STAGES OF CKD” and concludes that no kidney disease is trivial in pregnancy. In the 3rd presentation Enrico Imbasciati, Milano, Italy discusses “PREGNANCY AND LUPUS NEPHRITIS. PREDICTORS OF FOETAL AND MATERNAL OUTCOMES”. Finally, Fiona Smaill, from Hamilton, Canada, discusses how to deal with the common problem of “ASYMPTOMATIC BACTERIURIA AND URINARY TRACT INFECTION IN PREGNANCY”. She concludes that whereas treatment of asymptomatic bacteruria decreases the incidence of antenatal pyelonephritis the association with birth weight and pre-term delivery is less clear.


Finally, do not forget to do the survey on home-hemodialysis by Dr. Sandip Mitra and Dr. Jayanti Anu.


Enjoy your NDT-E!


Peter Stenvinkel, Editor in Chief NDT-Educational