Editorial issue 228

Protocol renal biopsies – learn more about pros and cons


In the 228th issue of NDT-E you will find several interesting full papers from Kidney International, J Clin Invest, Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation and J Nephrology. In the first paper published in Kidney Int, Paola Cassis et al. present data indicating that non-erythropoietic derivatives of EPO may be useful to prevent chronic renal allograft injury. In this paper the effects of EPO were associated with preservation of intragraft expression of angiogenic factors, upregulation of the anti-apoptotic factor p-Akt in tubuli, and increased expression of Bcl-2. You may also want to read the interesting meeting report by Elke Schaeffner and Eberhard Ritz about alcohol and kidney damage published in Kidney Int. In the third KI paper Bjarne Orskov et al. show that low birth weight may contribute to considerable phenotypic variability in the progression of renal disease between individuals with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. From the April issue of J Clin Invest you will find a very interesting full paper by Theresa Bomfim et al. to read. In this paper the authors discuss a link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Although a connection between Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes has been suggested, a major unknown is the mechanism(s) by which insulin resistance in the brain arises in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. By establishing molecular links between the dysregulated insulin signaling in Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, the results of this study open avenues for the investigation of new therapeutics in Alzheimer’s disease.Manisha Jhamb and Mark Unruh discuss, in a paper published in Nephrol Dial Transpl, volume overload as a mechanism for obstructive sleep apnea in CKD. In another full paper from NDT Dimitrios Chanouzas et al. conclude that there is an overwhelming association of having a strong social support network and being functionally able with choosing PD. Thus, this study emphasize the need for assisted PD. Finally, in a paper published in J Nephrology Adeera Levin et al. show that isolated 1,25(OH)2D3 deficiency is more common than 25(OH)D deficiency in CKD.


In this issue of NDT-E you will also find four oral presentations from the ERA-EDTA meeting in Prague 2011 to learn more from. In the first talkDaniel Abramowicz, Brussels, Belgium will argue against protocol biopsies in a talk entitled “PROTOCOL BIOPSY – CON”. In the 2nd talk entitled “PROTOCOL BIOPSY – PRO", this opinion will be opposed by Anke Schwarz, from Hannover, Germany. In the third talk Evelyne Lerut, Louvain, Belgium will give an “UPDATE ON BANFF 07 CRITERIA” and in the fourth presentation Alain Meyrier, Paris, France discusses the “DIRECT EFFECT OF CALCINEURIN INHIBITORS AND CORTICOSTEROIDS ON PODOCYTES”.


Do not forget to provide your opinion in the survey on home-hemodialysis and also study the new case reports.



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Peter Stenvinkel, Editor in Chief NDT-Educational