Editorial issue 229

Ndt-e will now link to selected papers published in clinical kidney journal

In the 229th issue of NDT-E you will find a couple of interesting full papers from Kidney International, Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation and J Nephrology to read and learn more from. Recently NDT Plus was developed into Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ) to better meet the evolving needs of nephrologists. The renamed journal has its own editorial board (Editor-in-chief is Alain Meyrier) and will publish exciting new content. I am happy to report that for the first time NDT-E will also link to some selected papers published in CKJ. In the first CKJ clinical report Per-Anton Westerberg et al. discuss the clinical approach to a patient with hypophosphataemia and the changes in mineral metabolism after removal of an FGF23-producing tumour. In the 2nd CKJ clinical report found in this issue of NDT-E Takahiro Masuda et al. discuss the effect of continuous positive airway pressure on proteinuria in obstructive sleep apnea. In an interesting paper published in NDT Yumie Aoshima et al. show that Vitamin D receptor activators abrogate the acceleration of the osteogenic process induced by phosphate and TNF in vascular smooth muscle cells. In another interesting NDT paper Shinya Nakatani et al. show that nephronectin may be associated with the development of diabetic glomerulosclerosis. Heidi J Kalkwarf et al. have published an interesting paper in Kidney Int which shows that lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D may contribute to hyperparathyroidism, inflammation, and lower 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D in children and adolescents, especially those with advanced kidney disease. In another interesting Kidney Int paper Jennifer A Hirst et al. show that whereas renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system inhibition reduced urinary albumin excretion for Type 1 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria no effect was observed in those with normoalbuminuria. Finally, in J Nephrology Ana Rocha et al. have reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of metformin therapy in CKD patients.


In this issue of NDT-E you will also find two of the remaining oral presentations from the ERA-EDTA meeting in Prague 2011. In the first talkAndrew Davenport, London, UK will discuss “TAILORING DIALYSIS FOR THE SEPTIC PATIENT”. In the other talk Eric Hoste, Ghent, Belgium will present data on the “EPIDEMIOLOGY OF AKI IN THE ICU”.


Do not forget to provide your opinion in the survey on home-hemodialysis and also study the new case report titled “Early renal allograft failure with widespread oxalate deposition in the graft” by Salwa Ibrahim, Egypt.

Enjoy your NDT-E!


Peter Stenvinkel, Editor in Chief NDT-Educational