Editorial issue 238

In the 238th issue of NDT-E you will find three CME lectures on various aspects of the renin-angiotensin system presented at the ERA-EDTA meeting in Paris May 24-27 2012. At first Dr. Michel Azizi, Paris, France presents a lecture entitled “ALDOSTERONE SYNTHASE INHIBITION”. The 2nd talk is entitled “RENIN-INHIBITORS: WHAT IS THEIR CURRENT PLACE IN THERAPY?” and is presented by Dr. Jan Danser, Rotterdam, Netherlands. The 3rd talk is entitled ” PRORENIN RECEPTOR FUNCTION IN THE KIDNEY” and is presented by Dr. Geneviève Nguyen, Paris, France.


You will also find links to several interesting recent papers in this issue of NDT-E. In an original paper published in Kidney Int Jianlin Chen et al. show that endothelial PTX3 plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of ischemic acute kidney injury. In another paper published in Kidney Int William Abraham et al. show that oral lixivaptan can be safely initiated in the outpatient setting and effectively increases serum sodium concentrations in outpatients with euvolemic hyponatremia. In a Nephrol Dial Transpl (NDT) paper Griet Glorieux et al. address the issue of purity of dialysis fluids, which is highly relevant, since the chronic exposure of HD patients to low levels of cytokine-inducing microbial components can significantly contribute to the micro-inflammatory status. In another NDT paper Wendy Boertien et al. show that a higher copeptin concentration is associated with a decline in kidney function during follow-up in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease subjects. This suggests that copeptin may be a new marker to predict kidney outcome in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Finally, Lindsay Muscroft et al. reported in NDT based on 8 cases with dialysis-associated hypotension that renal transplantation was performed successfully and safely.


In this issue of NDT-E you will also find the new nutritional blog moderated by Juan Jesus Carrero. Our thoughts for this blog include;

1) Discussion on innovative or controversial topics on nutritional management and clinical practice in patients with CKD.

2) The experience of creating an interactive journal club where authors can discuss with bloggers the implications and applicability of their recent publications.

3) The creation of a virtual support community for patient care.

4) Offer information on renal nutrition education initiatives for both patients and healthcare staff.


So if you have questions, comments or novel information regarding nutritional problems please do not hesitate to use this opportunity to share them with the renal community. The success of the blog depends very much on your interest and participation.


As part of the new themed issues series, NDT is planning a Supplement on Obesity, overweight and CKD to be published May 2013. This issue will be co-edited by Kumar Sharma and Carmine Zoccali. For the purpose of this theme issue NDT-E will publish a two-part survey (knowledge part plus practice pattern part) made by Peter Stenvinkel, Alp Ikizler, and Carmine Zoccali. Please do this survey on a still overlooked problem in Nephrology. The results of the survey may be of much interest for the renal community.


Finally in the section Media/CME Videos you will find an interesting educational video by Dr. Luna Gargani from Pisa, Italy, titled Assessment of B-lines by lung ultrasound.


Enjoy your NDT-E!


Peter Stenvinkel, Editor-in-chief