Editorial issue 248

Bisphenol A exposure is associated with low-grade urinary albumin excretion

In the 248th issue of NDT-E you will find some interesting novel papers to read. In a basic research paper published in Kidney International, Carole Oudot et al. show that dietary salt depletion has beneficial effects on renal and metabolic alterations associated with a high-fructose diet in rats. You will also find a paper published in Kidney Int by Leonardo Trasande et al., which show that bisphenol A (an environmental chemical used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins) exposure is associated with low-grade urinary albumin excretion in children. Panagiotis I.Georgianos et al. present a paper in Nephrol Dial Transpl which demonstrate that augmentation index (as a measure of wave reflections) is increased between hemodialysis sessions, whereas arterial elasticity is not. They also show that the interdialytic increase in central wave augmentation is more pronounced during the 3-day interval. In a systematic review published in Nephrol Dial Transpl Mariken Gruppen et al. conclude that calcium combined with vitamin D is recommended to prevent bone disease in children with renal diseases treated with steroids.

In the 248th issue you will also find several CME lectures presented at the ERA-EDTA meeting in Paris May 2012. In the first lecture Dr. Tally Naveh-Many, Jerusalem, Israel will present a lecture entitled “microRNAs AND RNA BINDING PROTEINS IN THE REGULATION OF PTH SYNTHESIS”. The 2nd lecture is entitled ”CALCIUM SENSING RECEPTOR: EXTRARENAL EFFECTS” and is presented by Dr. Dominique Prié, Paris, France. Dr. Daniela Riccardi, Cardiff, UK in her lecture ”PHYSIOLOGY AND PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF THE CALCIUM SENSING RECEPTOR IN THE KIDNEY” will show that calcium-sensing receptor in the kidney is essential for the regulation of PTH, vitamin D and phosphate metabolism in addition of course to the expected monovalent and divalent cathion transport. The final CME lecture in this issue is presented by Dr. Mariano Rodriguez-Portillo, Cordoba, Spain and is entitled ”MODULATION OF CALCIUM SENSING BY CALCIMIMETICS”.

Enjoy your NDT-E!

Peter Stenvinkel, Editor-in-chief