Editorial issue 252

Editorial issue n. 252


This  252nd  issue of NDT Edu contains some interesting  papers for your consideration, in this hopefully still quiet summer period. In a recent Kidney International (KI) paper, Olivier Devuyst and Bengt Rippe (Zurich, Switzerland and Lund, Sweden) review the most recent evidence regarding water transport across the peritoneal membrane.  In another  KI paper,  Fabrizio Fabrizi et al.  (Milano, Italy) review the current treatment of hepatitis C in the various CKD populations (from CKD to dialysis, pre- and post- kidney TP). In a third KI paper, Jhaveri et al. (New York, USA) review glomerular diseases associated with cancer and chemotherapy. In this rapidly moving field, many new effective  drugs have recently been shown to have some nephrotoxicity, so that this review is welcome. In a 4th paper, Cordeiro et al. (Sao Paulo, Brazil) report in NDT that the amount of visceral fat is significantly associated with the presence  of coronary calcification in patients with CKD.


Finally, in the last paper, published in the JCI, an international consortium led by the group of F. Hildebrandt (Ann Arbor, USA) reports that ARHGDIA mutations cause nephrotic syndrome via defective RHO GTPase signaling. This adds another genetic  cause  to the list of  corticoresistant nephrotic syndrome.


In this issue of NDT-E you will also find 8 CME lectures presented at the ERA-EDTA meeting in Paris May 2012. In  the first one, Professor  C. Deltas (Nicosia, Cyprus), reviews “MOLECULAR GENETICS OF FAMILIAL HEMATURIC DISEASE”. In the second one, Jack Wetzels (Nijmegen, The Netherlands), presents the section of the recent KDIGO Guidelines related to the “TREATMENT OF MEMBRANOUS NEPHROPATHY”. The third presentation by Prof. Roser Torra (Barcelona, Spain) is entitled “WHEN TO START A GENETIC STUDY IN A PATIENT WITH FSGS”. The fourth one by Prof Patrick Niaudet  (Paris, France) is entitled “WHICH TREATMENT FOR STEROID DEPENDENT NEPHROTIC SYNDROME IN CHILDREN?” In the 5th presentation Professor Bengt Fellstrom (Uppsala, Sweden) reviews “MUCOSAL IMMUNE STIMULATION IN IgA NEPHROPATHY”, and the derived implications for ongoing trials. The 6th presentation by Professor Juergen Floege (Aachen, Germany) deals with the “CURRENT INDICATIONS FOR IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVE THERAPY IN IgA NEPHROPATHY”, based on the recent KDIGO Guidelines. The 7th presentation by Professor Mark Pepys (London, UK) is devoted to “new treatments of amyloidosis”. Finally, the 8th and last one, by Professor Frank Bridoux (Poitiers, France), is entitled “RECENT DIAGNOSTIC AND THERAPEUTIC ADVANCES IN AL  AMYLOIDOSIS”. No doubt that these 8 presentations by top experts in these complex fields will prove of interest to many of you (and myselfJ).


Enjoy NDT-E and hopefully also some good and relaxing time this Summer.



Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational