Editorial issue 253

This  253rd  issue of NDT Edu contains several  interesting  papers for your consideration. In a recent KI paper, Jorge Cannata-Andia et al. report that the use of P binding agents is associated with a lower mortality risk in the COSMOS database. Regarding the same topic, Francesco Locatelli et al. have published in a recent NDT paper a randomized, placebo-controlled, multiple fixed-dose trial of colestilan in dialysis patients with hyperphosphataemia and dyslipidaemia.

Last for the CKD-MBD topic R. Moorthi and S. Moe review recent advances in the noninvasive diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy in another recent KI paper.

In the fourth paper, in KI Fabrizio Fabrizi et al. review the current treatment of hepatitis C in the various CKD populations.

Finally, in the last paper, X Li et al. report on the use of tacrolimus as a rescue therapy for adult-onset refractory minimal change nephrotic syndrome with reversible acute renal failure.


In this issue of NDT-Edu, you will also find 4 CME lectures presented at the ERA-EDTA meeting in Paris in May 2012. In the first lecture, Manuel Pestana (Porto, Portugal) reviews “THE ROLE OF RENALASE IN CARDIOVASCULAR RISK/PATHOLOGY IN CKD”. In the second one, Ernesto Schiffrin (Montreal, Canada), discusses the “VASCULAR EFFECTS OF ALDOSTERONE AND THEIR ROLE IN CKD?” The third presentation by David Webb (Edinburgh, UK), is entitled “ENDOTHELIN ANTAGONISTS AND RENAL PROGRESSION”. The last one by René Wenzel (Zell am see, Austria), is entitled “EFFECTS OF ENDOTHELIN ANTAGONISTS IN CKD”.

No doubt that these 4 presentations will be of interest as they deal with progress in the extremely relevant and moving field of hypertension and CV complications in CKD.

Enjoy NDT-E.


Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational