Editorial issue 254

For this 254th issue of NDT-Educational, I have selected several papers that are of definite interest for Nephrologists.

In the first one, a brief report from the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI), Laurence Verneuil et al. (Caen, France) report that skin carcinoma may arise in a kidney transplant recipient from kidney transplant-derived tumor cells. This has obvious implications for the understanding of tumorigenesis in such patients.

In the second paper, Francesca Tentori et al. (Ann Arbor, USA) report in KI on the very high rates of death and hospitalization following bone fracture among hemodialysis patients in the DOPPS study.

The 3rd paper, published in NDT by Maria Pippias and Charles Tomson (Bristol, UK) is an editorial reviewing what nephrologists can and should do to maximize patient safety in chronic kidney disease

In the fourth one, Jürgen Floege et al. (Aachen, Germany) report on a study of recurrent glomerulonephritis following renal transplantation, launched by the Immunonephrology working group of ERA-EDTA. A detailed database will be established. The participation of all nephrologists to such a collaborative effort is important and will contribute to further progress in this relevant field.

Finally, Eberhard Ritz (Heidelberg, Germany) reviews in the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ) the links between bariatric surgery and the kidney – much benefit, but also potential harm.


In this issue of NDT-Educational, you also have the opportunity to discover 3 presentations of the 49th ERA-EDTA Congress in Paris.

The first one by Maria Alicia Debska – Slizien (Gdansk, Poland) is entitled «Kidney Transplantation in the elderly». In the second one, Peter Barany (Stockholm, Sweden) discusses protein – energy wasting and the preventative/therapeutic options in elderly dialysis patients.

And in the last one, Antonio Santoro (Bologna, Italy) discusses the specificities of haemodialysis in the elderly.


In the current era of an ever growing «grey» generation, no doubt that these 3 presentations will receive much attention.


Enjoy NDT-Educational !


Professor Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational