Editorial issue 255

Let me, in contrast with most NDT-Edu issues, start this one with the CME lectures (from the ERA-EDTA Paris meeting, 2012). The reason to start with CME lectures is that unfortunately, the ERA-EDTA is in mourning for Professor Walter Hörl (Vienna, Austria), who gave one of the 5 CME lectures of today’s issue, and died unexpectedly at the age of 67. Walter Hörl has dedicated part of his life to the growth of our Society. He was Council member from 1999 to 2002 and Congress President in 2001. He was an excellent teacher and scientist, a true expert in several nephrology fields including iron treatment, the topic of his lecture (“are all iron preparations equal?”)  in this 255th issue. I thought the best way to highlight his many achievements was to share his lecture with NDT-Edu readers, despite the sad news of the death of this great figure of European nephrology. For those of you wishing to know much more about Professor Walter Hörl, please visit http://www.era-edta.org/Walter_H%C3%B6rl_obituary.html.

In the second lecture, Prof. Iain C. Mac Dougall (London, UK) reviews to what extent transfusion avoidance is important in 2012. In the third one, Prof. Andrzej Wiecek (Katowice, Poland) discusses the prediction of risk for adverse events under anemia treatment, especially under ESAs, in CKD.

Finally, Prof. Patrick S. Parfrey (St John’s, Canada) presents the recent anemia KDIGO guidelines, whereas Prof. Francesco Locatelli (Lecco, Italy) explains how and why ERBP recommendations differ from those of KDIGO.

This 255th issue of NDT-Educational presents in addition five recent papers. In a KI paper, Pantelis A. Sarafidis and Luis M. Ruilope discuss the pros and cons of aggressive blood pressure reduction and renin-angiotensin system blockade in chronic kidney disease.

Emily P. McQuarrie et al. report in KI too that the incidence of biopsy-proven IgA nephropathy is associated with socioeconomic deprivation.

Moniek W.M. van de Luijtgaarden et al. publish in NDT the results of a large survey devoted to the experience of nephrologists with conservative care in Europe and the decision not to start renal replacement therapy.

In the fourth paper Julie M. Yabu et al. review in NDT again sensitization from transfusions in patients awaiting a primary kidney transplant in the USA.

Finally, Marije Russcher et al. report in the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ) a retrospective case series of preemptive dosage reduction of nadroparin in patients with renal failure.



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Professor Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational