Editorial issue 257

For this 257th issue of NDT-Edu, another 5 interesting papers. In the first one, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Ichiaki Ito et al. provide evidence that “a non-classical vitamin D receptor pathway suppresses renal fibrosis” in experimental mouse models.

The next 3 papers were all very recently published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. Bojan Jelakovic et al. report a “Consensus statement on screening, diagnosis, classification and treatment of endemic (Balkan) nephropathy”. This will prove of interest to all those caring for patients with CKD of unclear etiology living in or originating from the Balkan countries. The paper is welcome after the substantial progress that has been made over the last decade in understanding Balkan nephropathy. Steven Fishbane et al. next review  the available evidence related to “Iron toxicity and its relevance for dialysis patients”. A highly relevant topic for any nephrologist. Mihaly K. de Bie et al. then report on the “echocardographical determinants of an abnormal spatial QRS-T angle in chronic dialysis patients”, a topic of interest in this population with a high risk of sudden death.

Finally in the 5th paper, published in Kidney International, Pawaree Saisawat et al. report that ”whole-exome resequencing reveals recessive mutations in TRAP1 in individuals with CAKUT and VACTERL association”. This adds another useful piece to the identification of the causes of the heterogeneous CAKUT entity.


The 4 CME lectures presented in this issue are again from top experts in their field.

In the first one, Hans-Joachim Anders (Munich, Germany) discusses “Novel mechanisms of renal inflammation: IFN-α/β”.The title sounds provocative for these cytokines now known for some 50 years. The CME is nevertheless very interesting.

The other 3 CMEs all deal with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), a rapidly moving field. Ron T. Gansevoort (Groningen, the Netherlands) discusses “Markers for ADPKD progression”. Albert Ong (University of Sheffield, UK) discusses  “understanding how cysts form in ADPKD”. Finally, Vicente Torres (Rochester, USA) –provides an “update on the treatment of ADPKD”.


Enjoy NDT-Educational


Prof. Michel Jadoul

Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational