Editorial issue 264

The 5 papers selected for this 264th issue of NDT-E again cover a broad range of  nephrology fields, from basic research to clinical CKD, dialysis and TP.
In the first paper, Wing M.R. et al publish in Nephrol Dial Transplant that DNA methylation profile is associated with rapid decline in kidney function (findings from the CRIC study).
In the second one, M. Burnier et al review, again in Nephrol Dial Transplant the topic of "Drug adherence in chronic kidney diseases and dialysis". The clinical relevance of this topic is great, and certainly underestimated by many. This review of the latest progress in this matter is thus welcome.
In the next paper Tian X. et al. publish  in the J Clin Invest on further progress in the  unravelling of the structure and function of the glomerulus: "Podocyte-associated talin1 is critical for glomerular filtration barrier maintenance".

In the 4th paper, Claire H den Hoedt et al report in Kidney Int , on behalf of  the CONTRAST Investigators, that Online hemodiafiltration reduces systemic inflammation compared to low-flux hemodialysis

Finally, Georges Mourad et al. report, again in KI, a similar patient survival following kidney allograft failure compared with non-transplanted patients.


The CME lectures selected for this issue all 3 deal with the importance of physical exercise for nephrology patients. The first one, by Professor  Naomi Clyne (Lund, Sweden) is entitled "Physical exercise and clinical  outcomes in CKD patients: usefulness and safety".
In the second one, Professor Fabio Manfredini (Ferrara, Italy) presents "Simple exercise programs applicable  at home in dialysis patients".
Lastly, Professor Stephan J. L. Bakker (Groningen, The Netherland) reviews the topic of "Physical activity and all cause  and cardiovascular mortality in renal transplant patients".

Enjoy NDt-Edu

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational