Editorial issue 266

The five papers selected for this issue of NDT-E again, together cover the main fields of nephrology. In the first one, J. Kooiman et al. report in NDT a randomized comparison of 1-h sodium bicarbonate hydration versus standard peri-procedural saline hydration in patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing intravenous contrast-enhanced computerized tomography. In the second one, K.M. Chow et al. again in NDT (February 2014) publish a randomized controlled study of icodextrin in the treatment of peritoneal dialysis patients during acute peritonitis. In the third one, E. Meijer and N.F. Casteleijn N.F. review, once again in NDT, the hot topic of the role of the AVP-ADH axis in the progression of ADPKD and the role of water intake vs drugs such as tolvaptan, under the title "Riding the waves: evidence for a beneficial effect of increased water intake in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients?". In the fourth paper, D. Sawinski D. and S. Goral again in NDT review the latest evidence regarding BK virus infection: an update on diagnosis and treatment. Finally, in the last paper, published in the JCI, experimental work from U. Potla et al. provides useful insights into podocyte biology: "Podocyte-specific RAP1GAP expression contributes to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis-associated glomerular injury".


The 4 CME lectures released with this issue deal with important aspects of kidney transplantation. In the first one Prof. Giuseppe Grandaliano (Foggia, Italy) presents on "mTOR inhibitors lights and shadows". In the second one, Prof. Fadi Issa (Oxford, UK) discusses "Transplantation tolerance: lessons from experimental models". In the third one, Prof. Rainer Oberbauer (Vienna, Austria) covers "Immunosuppression in 2013 with the upcoming immunosuppressive drugs: looking for the best cocktail". Lastly, Prof. Josep M. Grinyo (Barcelona, Spain) discusses "PTLD after renal transplantation".


Enjoy NDT-Edu

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational