Editorial issue 268

This 268th issue of NDT-E starts with 5 recent papers. The first 3 ones are from NDT.  C.J. Porter et al. publish a paper entitled "A real-time electronic alert to improve detection of acute kidney injury in a large teaching hospital". Next, R. Lombardi et al. publish a paper on "Acute kidney injury in Latin America: a view on renal replacement therapy resources". And then, A.R. Kitching reviews the complex field of dendritic cells: "Dendritic cells in progressive renal disease: some answers, many questions". In the 4th paper, J.D. Zhang et al report in the Journal of Clin Invest., that Type 1 angiotensin receptors on macrophages ameliorate IL-1 receptor-mediated kidney fibrosis in an experimental model. Finally, M.T. Parisotto  et al report in Kidney Int that "Cannulation technique influences arteriovenous fistula and graft survival".

The CME lectures  selected for this issue deal with highly relevant topics. Mrs. Justina Siwy (Hanover, Germany) first discusses "Urinary proteins / peptides as early biomarkers for CKD". Next, Pr Isabelle Six (Amiens, France) discusses "Vascular dysfunction in chronic kidney disease (including the impact of phosphate on vascular function)". The third talk, by Pr Bertrand Gonduin (Marseille, France) covers "Recent data on endothelium and thrombosis". Finally, Pr Stephane Burtey (Marseille, France) discusses a broad topic "Endothelium, the good; chronic kidney disease, the bad; and cardiovascular disease, the ugly: a point of view".

Enjoy NDT-Edu

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational