Editorial issue 270

The 5 papers selected for this issue of NDT-E deal with topics of major clinical relevance. Indeed, this starts with A.E. Gaweda  et al in NDT . Their paper is entitled "Iron dosing in kidney disease: inconsistency of evidence and clinical practice". Next ,T. van Gelder T. et al ,in NDT again, publish on "To TDM or not to TDM in lupus nephritis patients treated with MMF" ? As you probably guessed, TDM stands for therapeutic drug monitoring. Then, N.G. Kutner et al report in Clin Kidney J on "Falls among hemodialysis patients: potential opportunities for prevention"? . The fourth paper, from Ross M.J. in Kidney Int  discusses "Advances in the pathogenesis of HIV-associated kidney diseases". Finally, E.M. Spithoven , again in Kidney Int  report an "Analysis of data from the ERA-EDTA Registry indicating that conventional treatments for chronic kidney disease do not reduce the need for renal replacement therapy in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease".

CME lectures   
The CME lectures for this issue deal with potential biomarkers. Professor  Alberto Ortiz (Madrid, Spain) discusses "A new biomarker of activity in glomerulonephritis : TWEAK". Dr Mariano Rodriguez-Portillo (Cordoba, Spain) presents an "Overview on the biomarkers to assess MBD CKD". Finally,  Dr Maria Encarnacion Rodriguez Ortiz (Cordoba, Spain) discusses how "Extracellular calcium regulates serum FGF23 levels".

Enjoy NDT-E , and see you soon in Amsterdam for the yearly ERA-EDTA congress!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational