Editorial issue 271

For this 271st issue of NDT-E, let me propose to you to have a look at the recent series of review papers just published online by the Journal of Clinical Investigation. As a clinical nephrologist (with a strong interest for clinical research) ,I enjoyed their reading , as a bridge from clinical practice to translational and experimental research. No doubt several of the presented developments in these various fields will soon or later improve further the quality of the care we deliver to patients. The titles of the 5 papers are below, but for those interested, there are a few more, freely available on the JCI website.
The 5 selected papers are :
1) O’Toole J.F. and Sedor J.R. in J Clin Invest. (June 14). Kidney disease: new technologies translate mechanisms to cure.
2) Kiryluk K. and Novak J. in J Clin Invest. (June 14). The genetics and immunobiology of IgA nephropathy.
3) Coffman T.M. in J Clin Invest. (June 14). The inextricable role of the kidney in hypertension.
4) Duffield J.S. in J Clin Invest. (June 14). Cellular and molecular mechanisms in kidney fibrosis.
5) Reidy K. et al in J Clin Invest. (June 14). Molecular mechanisms of diabetic kidney disease.

The 3 CME lectures  selected for this issue of NDT-E all were presented at the same Symposium in Istanbul, at last year’s ERA-EDTA congress. They all deal with some aspects of the link between phosphate and clinical outcomes in nephrology (either CV risk, or CKD progression). I had the pleasure to present the first one, entitled : "Phosphate and cardiovascular disease beyond CKD : is phosphate a new cholesterol ?". Then ,Pr Marcello Tonelli (Edmonton, Canada) gave a lecture whose title was : "Does phosphate qualify as a cardiovascular risk factor in CKD?" Finally Pr Carmine Zoccali (Reggio Calabria, Italy) presented recent important results under the title "Phosphate burden, renal disease progression and the response to nephroprotective treatments."

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational