Editorial issue 274

The 5 papers selected for this issue of NDT-E again deal with a broad variety of topics. The first one, published by A. Ticinesi et al. in NDT, deals with a seasonal topic:"salt and nephrolithiasis". The summer is indeed a classical trigger of kidney stone attacks! The second paper again deals with salt but in a different way : C. Ince C. and A.B. Groeneveld  discuss in Kidney Int."The case for 0.9% NaCl: is the undefendable, defensible"?
The next 2 papers both deal with glomerular diseases. A. Tanna et al. report in NDT  on "Long-term outcome of anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibody-associated glomerulonephritis: evaluation of the international histological classification and other prognostic factors". A. Sinha A. et al report again in Kidney Int. that "Extending initial prednisolone treatment in a randomized control trial from 3 to 6 months did not significantly influence the course of illness in children with steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome".
Finally in the last paper, M. Laville  et al report in Kidney Int. that the  "Results of the HepZero study comparing heparin-grafted membrane and standard care show that heparin-grafted dialyzer is safe and easy to use for heparin-free dialysis".

CME lectures   
The CME lectures of this 274th issue were presented at last year ERA-EDTA congress in Istanbul. In the first one, Pr Dimitrios T. Boumpas (Athens, Greece). discusses "Balancing efficacy and toxicity of novel treatments for lupus nephritis : EULAR / ERA-EDTA recommendations".
Pr Sandrine Florquin (Amsterdam, The Netherland) presents "Interleukin 17 in renal biopsies as risk factor for progression".
Pr Per-Henrik Groop (Helsinki, Finland).presents an overview of "New therapeutic approaches for diabetic nephropathy"
Finally, Pr Mahmut Ilker Yilmaz (Ankara, Turkey) reviews "FGF 23 and endothelial function in CKD and transplant patients".

Enjoy NDT-E, and hopefully also some good time during this summer.

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational