Editorial issue 276

The 5 papers selected for this 276th issue of NDT-E are all chosen from NDT! In the first one, P.Judge P et al. review "Neprilysin inhibition in chronic kidney disease". This is particularly timely in view of the impressive results of neprilysin inhibition in heart failure, presented at the recent European Society of Cardiology meeting in Barcelona, and published at the same time in the New England Journal of Medicine!

In the second paper, Figueiredo AE et al in publish on "Impact of patient training patterns on peritonitis rates in a large national cohort study". The third paper by A. Sabatino et al deals with Alterations of intestinal barrier and microbiota in chronic kidney disease. In the fourth paper, N.Hanafusa et al. publish a paper entitled "Age and anemia management: relationship of hemoglobin levels with mortality might differ between elderly and nonelderly hemodialysis patients". Finally, B. Seitz-Polski B et al. publish on "Prediction of membranous nephropathy recurrence after transplantation by monitoring of anti-PLA2R1 (M-type phospholipase A2 receptor) autoantibodies: a case series of 15 patients."

CME lectures
The 4 CME lectures selected for this NDT-E issue all were presented at the very recent Amsterdam ERA-EDTA congress. The first 2 deal with the hot topic of renal denervation in resistant hypertension. Pr Andrzej Wiecek (Katowice, Poland) presents an overview on "What could be the role of renal denervation in chronic kidney disease?" whereas Pr Jonathan Moss (Glasgow, UK) discusses "What is ablation and how to achieve a renal nerve ablation?". Let me take advantage of the opportunity to remind you that a blog is devoted on NDT-E to this hot topic and contributions are still welcome! http://www.ndt-educational.org/ckjblog-256--renaldenervationpolarviewsinnephrology.php

The other 2 lectures deal with the uremic toxicity syndrome. Dr Mehmet Kanbay (Istanbul, Turkey) presents on a controversial topic  "The uric acid dilemma: causal risk factor for hypertension and CKD or mere bystander?". Pr Raymond Vanholder (Ghent, Belgium) discusses Cardiovascular toxicity of protein bound solutes: a methodologic review.

Enjoy NDT-E!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational