Editorial issue 277

Let us look together at the 5 free-access papers selected for this issue of NDT. The selection again emphasizes the great diversity of topics of interest to nephrologists. The first 3 papers are selected from Kidney Int. The first one, by V Papademetriou et al is entitled  "Chronic kidney disease and intensive glycemic control increase cardiovascular risk in patients with type 2 diabetes". In the second one, AK Muriithi et al publish their experience on "Clinical characteristics, causes and outcomes of acute interstitial nephritis in the elderly". Next, B  Nichols et al (August 2014) report that "Innate immunity pathways regulate the nephropathy gene Apolipoprotein L1" (a gene accounting for the much greater risk of CKD in African (-Americans). The last 2 papers are selected from NDT. M. Al-Jaghbeer M  and JA Kellum  review "Acid-base disturbances in intensive care patients: etiology, pathophysiology and treatment". Finally, G Vlotides and PR Mertens review "Sodium-glucose cotransport inhibitors: mechanisms, metabolic effects and implications for the treatment of diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease".

CME lectures  
The 4 CME lectures chosen in the rich program of the recent ERA-EDTA Amsterdam congress deal with issues related to CKD in the eldelry.  Pr Edwina Brown (London, UK) reviews "Quality of life at end of life". Then, Pr Miles D. Witham (Dundee, UK) discusses "Geriatric assessment tools for the nephrologist". Next Pr Nele van den Noortgate (Ghent, Belgium) reviews "What is frailty and what can be treated ?". Finally Pr Ken Farrington (Stevenage, UK) provides an overview on "Rate of decline of renal function : impact on management decisions".

Enjoy NDT-E!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational