Editorial issue 280

This editorial starts with a paper highlighting the potential of newer techniques , usually called nowadays the "omics". In a population-based  study, YM Gu et al indeed report in NDT on  "the urinary proteome as correlate and predictor of renal function in a population study". Interestingly, the proteomic profile of urine not only refined the prediction of CKD progression but also the prediction of CV events.

In the second paper, B. Jin  et al publish in NDT again on the spectrum of biopsy-proven kidney diseases in elderly Chinese patients. The paper is accompanied by an editorial by RJ Glassock, commenting the results and implications of this study.
The last 2 papers are from Kidney Int. In the first one, JC Lieske et al. report that "Kidney stones are common after bariatric surgery". Finally, ME Thomas et al. publish on "The definition of acute kidney injury and its use in practice ".

CME lectures   
The 4 lectures of this 280Th issue all were presented at the recent ERA-EDTA Amsterdam congress. They deal with autoimmune diseases and the kidney. Pr Zdenka Hruskova (Prague, Czech Republic) discusses "The patient on renal replacement therapy having a relapse of systemic vasculitis". Then, Pr Rachel B. Jones (Cambridge, UK) follows with "The patient with ANCA-associated vasculitis and pulmonary haemorrhage". Pr Yehuda Shoenfeld (Tel-Hashomer, Israel) then presents on "Infections and autoimmunity ; how to harness nature to treat autoimmunity". Finally, Pr Volker Vielhauer (Munich, Germany) reviews on "Nephrologist’s approach when consulting in the rheumatology unit".

Enjoy NDT-Edu!

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational