Editorial issue 284

The first 2 papers selected for this 284th issue of NDT-E are very recent ones from NDT. In the first paper, L. De Nicola  et al publish on the "Prevalence and cardiovascular risk profile of chronic kidney disease in Italy: results of the 2008-12 National Health Examination Survey". This is a very useful adjunct to the current knowledge about the current global CKD epidemic. In the second one, D. Eleftheriou  et al review ”Vasculitis in children”.
The next 2 papers are from the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ). AL Negri and PA Urena Torres review “Iron-based phosphate binders: do they offer advantages over currently available phosphate binders?”. Next, M Kliner et al report on “Identification, investigation and management of patient-to-patient hepatitis B transmission within an inpatient renal ward in North West England”. Finally, RH Sayed  et al discuss in Kidney Int ‘Emerging treatments for amyloidosis”.

CME lectures   
The 4 CME lectures, all presented at the ERA-EDTA congress in Amsterdam, deal with CV aspects of CKD/ESRD. Pr Christoph Wanner (Wurzburg, Germany), first discusses “Circulating biomarkers of volume status and clinical outcomes in ESKD”. Pr Jonathan G Fox (Glasgow, UK), next reviews “Endothelial function in proteinuric nephropathies”. The third presentation by Pr Anton Vonk Noordegraaf (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) deals with “ Pulmonary hypertension in hemodialysis patients.”Finally, Pr Carmine Zoccali (Reggio Calabria, Italy) reviews «  Lung congestion in dialysis patients: detection, risk, factors and interventions.”

Enjoy NDT-Edu

Prof. Michel Jadoul
Editor-in-Chief NDT-Educational