Nurse Donates Own Kidney To Patient

Nurse Allison Batson donated one of her own kidneys to 23-year old patient, Clay Taber; somebody she barely knew, after working on the transplant department of Emory University Hospital for over two years. Allison was not even Clay's primary nurse, but says she felt an instant connection with him.

Taber, from Columbus, Ga., became ill when he was 22, and eventually suffered from complete kidney failure. He started feeling sick and suffered occasional night sweats. At first tests came back positive for some signs of monocucleosis (infection with the Epstein-Barr virus), however, subsequent tests showed that his kidneys were in failure. Taber's mother says she was shopping for some groceries when the hospital telephoned, explaining that new tests had showed that her son was in complete kidney failure and that he had to be admitted to hospital straight away.


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