NDT study shows: Infant mortality rate for babies of on-dialysis mothers is high

An important study on the risks of pregnancy on dialysis has been published in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (NDT), one of the world leading nephrology journals.

The Italian study has analyzed pregnancy outcomes in the dialysis population and compared it to the outcomes of kidney transplant recipients and of the general population. Among the evaluation criteria were the incidence of live birth, week of birth and birth weight. The study showed that having a baby while on dialysis is rare, but not impossible, although infant mortality rate is significantly higher: Women on dialysis have a tenfold higher risk of delivering a still-born than women who had received a kidney transplantation before getting pregnant - and even these transplanted women had a significantly lower probability of delivering a live-born baby than the healthy controls. Also the birth-weight of the babies of on-dialysis mothers was significantly lower.