Nephropathology for the nephrologists

Institut of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Charles University Srobarova 50
10000 Prague Czech Republic

January 22-23, 2016

Institut of Clinical and Experimental Medicine , Prague, Czech Republic
Organising Society/Institution/University
Czech Society of Nephrology, ERA-EDTA, Renal Pathology
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine
2nd Dept. Medicine, 3rd Faculty Medicine, Charles University
Srobarova 50, 10000 Prague 10
Czech Republic
Prof. Ivan Rychlik  E-mail: ivan.rychlik@gmail.com
Short Description
The aim of this two half-day ERA-EDTA CME course, which will be held as the
traditional 16th Prague Postgraduate Training Course organized by the Czech Society
of Nephrology and endorsed by ERA-EDTA Immunonephrology Working Group, is to
review selected topics of nephropathology with the relation to junior clinical
nephrologists. Course will be divided in five main sections:
a/ Renal biopsy as clinical procedure and its application (particularly the indication,
complications and techniques will be discussed);
b/ Native renal biopsy work-up and interpretation (particularly the pathologist
approach to diagnosis and new techniques used for biopsy work-up);
c/ Registries of renal biopsies (with special emphasis to compare European registries
d/ ANCA-associated vasculitis and membranous nephropathy (particularly role of
renal biopsy in the current diagnostic/therapeutic process);
e/ Renal transplant pathology and biopsy interpretation (particularly the
interpretation of renal allograft biopsies).
The course is targeted to junior nephrologists, moderately advanced, internists and
researchers, who are interested in the management of patients with glomerular
diseases. The course will be accompanied by two interactive case-report sessions
and the “Meet the expert” session to allow the participants to exchange knowledge
in clinical practice with European leading nephropathologists.
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