11th Leipzig Renal Biopsy Course

University Leipzig, Institute of Anatomy, Liebigstraße 13
04103 Leipzig Germany

March 4-5, 2016

Institute of Anatomy, University of Leipzig,
Leipzig , Germany
Organising Society/Institution/University
ERA-EDTA, German Society of Nephrology
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Prof. Joachim Beige E-mail: Joachim.Beige@kfh-dialyse.de

Organising Secretariat
F&U confirm Congress Agency  E-mail: lange@fu-confirm.de

Short Description
This training course is an annual event with the aim to teach nephrological fellows
practical skills and theoretical background of diagnostics by renal biopsy. As in
earlier years, the biopsy part consists of a unit comprising handling of biopsy
equipment and practical biopsy shots in anatomical corpses with particular
preparation. This concept was granted with superior participants evaluation during
the last 10years. A scientific publication on course content and results can be
retreived at  http://theglobaljournals.com/ijsr/articles.php?val=NDcxMg==&b1=417&k=105
In 2016, the course will be augmented by a presentation on endovascular renal
biopsy and clinical biopsy conference of particular clinical cases. Participants are
being invited to bring their own cases which can be discussed with course staff and
Our courses are well suited for those preparing for board examination in Nephrology
from a practical and theoretical view
We offer course participation both in English or German language (for German,
please refer to Akademie Niere; http://www.akademie-niere.de/veranstaltungen/termine-leser/renal-biopsy-course-2016.html ). Depending on the
number of applicants, we will either offer different course days or different language
groups. For such reason, please consider our time schedule as preliminary at this
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Course Programme
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