'Omics' contributions to physiopathology in CKD and new actors

InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe, St.Petersburger Str. 1, 20355
Hamburg Germany

April 1, 2016

InterCityHotel Hamburg Dammtor-Messe, Hamburg, Germany
Organising Society/Institution/University
EUTox Working Group
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Prof. Angel Argiles Ciscart

Email: argiles@rd-n.org


Organising Secretariat

EUTox Flore Duranton E-mail: duranton@rd-n.org

Short Description

This CME is organized by the EUTox Work Group of the ESAO, endorsed by ERA-

EDTA. The objectives of EUTox are the identification of yet unknown uremic toxins,

the characterisation of uremic toxins and the development of new therapeutic

approaches for the treatment of chronic kidney diseases. This half-day CME will focus

on recent advances made from "omics" analyses in the context of uremic toxicity

and CKD and will describe the identification and effects of novel uremic toxins.

The CME is open to all scientists and clinicians willing to increase their knowledge in

uremia and uremic toxicity.


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Details/General Information
Website: http://goo.gl/forms/mTHJ4Xlqo2

Course Programme
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