Dietary phosphorus is associated with greater left ventricular mass
Kalani T Yamamoto, Cassianne Robinson-Cohen, Marcia C de Oliveira, Alina Kostina, Jennifer A Nettleton, Joachim H Ix, Ha Nguyen, John Eng, Joao A C Lima, David S Siscovick, Noel S Weiss and Bryan Kestenbaum
Kidney Int 83: 707-714
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Ribonuclease 7, an antimicrobial peptide upregulated during infection, contributes to microbial defense of the human urinary tract
John David Spencer, Andrew L Schwaderer, Huanyu Wang, Julianne Bartz, Jennifer Kline, Tad Eichler, Kristin R DeSouza, Sunder Sims-Lucas, Peter Baker and David S Hains
Kidney Int 83: 615-625
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Where vaptans do and do not fit in the treatment of hyponatremia
Anna J Jovanovich and Tomas Berl
Kidney Int 83: 563-567
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