Inherited Kidney Diseases Workshop

Egypt Cairo

April 19-20, 20122

Sofitel Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

Organising Societies:
ERA-EDTA, Egyptian Group for Orphan Renal Diseases (EGORD), Egyptian Society of Pediatric Nephrology & Transplantation.

Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information:
Scientific info: Prof. Neveen A Soliman ElShakhs
Email: nsoliman@kasralainy.edu.eg
Tel: +2016-2132300

Organization: Mr. Usama Ebrahim
Email: usama.ebrahim@egyicc.com
Tel: +202-2401 7326/7

Short description
This workshop is designed to promote awareness of inherited kidney disorders among the medical, particularly the nephrology, community. It would further foster the liaison between ERA-EDTA genetic kidney diseases experts and their Egyptian counterparts in terms of exchange of clinical acumen and knowledge as well as collaborative research work. This workshop should be carried out in partnership with the Global Kidney Academy and its director Prof. Meguid El Nahas.

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Details/General Information:

Course Programme:
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