Progress in nephrology and transplantation

Cracow, Poland
Cracow Poland

May 11-12, 2012

Hotel “Qubus”, ul. Nadwislanska 6, Cracow, Poland

Organising Societies:
ERA-EDTA; Jagiellonian University.

Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information:
Prof. Władysław Sułowicz, Email: wladsul@mp.pl
tel.:+48 12 424 78 92, fax.:+ 48 12 424 71 49,
Website: http://www.cm-uj.krakow.pl/; http://www.symposium.pl

Short Description:
The course will cover, among others,  dialysis, chronic kidney disease and kidney transplantation.

Travel Grant:
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Details/General Information:
http://www.cm-uj.krakow.pl/; http://www.symposium.pl

Course Programme:
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