Introductory Course on Epidemiology

Jönköping Sweden

August 30-31, 2012
Jönköping, Sweden
Organising Societies
Swedish Renal Registry (Staffan Schön & Bengt Rippe) & Dep of Medicine, Ryhov County Hospital (Agneta Ståhl).
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Staffan Schön (local coordinator); Email: SvensktNjurregisterSNR@lj.se; or the ERA-EDTA Registry; Email: era-epicourses@amc.uva.nl; P: +31 20 5667637; F: +31 20 6919840
Short Description
Many nephrologists perform some kind of research in addition to their clinical duties. The aim of this epidemiology course is to teach nephrologists and nephrology researchers, basic epidemiology principles and to have them practise their new skills in hands-on sessions (exercises, discussions and SPSS). The knowledge and skills obtained will assist participants to improve the quality of their nephrology research.
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Details/General Information
Course Programme
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