Barcelona Spain

May 23, 2013
Hotel Rey Don Jaime, Casteldefels, Barcelona

Organising Societies
Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN) and GEENDIAB (Grupo Español Estudio Nefropatía Diabética), ERA-EDTA
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Alberto Martínez Castelao, Email: albertomcastelao@gmail.com, Tel:902929210, Fax:902820710
Secretaría de la S.E.N.
Tfno +34 942 230902
Fax +34 942 231058
Short Description
In 2002 we organized in Barcelona the Meeting of the EDNSG which was an outstanding event. In this occasion, some Spanish nephrologists presented an oral communication and entered the Group, -­‐ the only condition to become a member is to have accepted and presented an oral communication in one meeting and to maintain the assistance with no absences for three consecutive annual meetings.

The CME Course will be organized in the context of a triple Meeting in the same place:

- The 25th GEENDIAB Meeting, in the morning of May 23th 2013

- The CME ERA/EDTA/SEN/GEENDIAB Course , in the evening of May 23th

- The 26th EDNSG Meeting, on May 24th and 25th

We are aware of the difficult World and European economic circumstances and that is not the best moment to organise such an event. But the organizers are well aware of the prestige of the Spanish Nephrology and of the Spanish investigators, especially in the field of Diabetes and Kidney damage. The GEENDIAB,- Spanish Group for the Study of Diabetic Nephropathy-, is a well known working group of the Spanish Society of Nephrology, SEN.
And also, Barcelona is a very attractive city to organise this event.
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