7th REENA: "KDIGO Guidelines Implementation in Practice"

Irpen Ukraine

September 13, 2013
Irpen, Ukraine
Organising Societies
Course supported by National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education with basic dep. of Nephrology and RRT.
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Dmytro Ivanov, Prof, Chief of Dep. of Nephrology and RRT
Email: ivanovdd@i.kiev.ua
Phone: +38 050 4448788 - Fax +38 044 2846897
Short Description
5 blocks (40 min lecture, 30 min lecture with interaction with the audience, 20 min meet the expert session) dedicated to Renal Anaemia (Prof Dimitrios Tsakiris), MBD‐CKD (Prof Markus Ketteler), AKI, allograft nephropathy and RRT (Prof Lionel Rostaing), Cardiovascular diseases in CKD (Prof. Vasyliy Netiazhenko) and GN (Prof Dmytro Ivanov).
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Details/General Information
Course Programme
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