Improving the patient and graft survival in kidney transplantation - an update

Timisoara Romania

September 26, 2013
Hotel Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania.
Organising Societies
BANTAO Society.

Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Prof Adalbert Schiller, Email: timisoaraschiller@yahoo.com
tel. +40724554072;
Short Description
Though performed from many years, kidney transplant never reached an optimal development in the Balkan countries. A common effort from all Balkan nephrologists is needed in order to attend the targets for this therapy.
The aim of this one-day ERA-EDTA CME course is to deal with both specific issues for this area of Europe (prevention of paid kidney transplantation) as well as with the modern trends and challenges in kidney transplantation and the related immunosuppression. Speakers will overview the most frequent complications related to transplantation and the possibilities of their prevention.
The course is targeted to nephrologists from all over the Balkan countries involved in kidney transplant activities.
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