9th Leipzig CME Courses: Resistant Hypertension practical management and Renal Biopsy Technique and Histopathology

Leipzig Germany

March 7, 2014
Institut for Anatomy, Liebigstrasse 13, 04103 Leipzig and KUBUS Congress
Center, Permoser Strasse 15, 04318 Leipzig
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Organising Society/Institution/University

Association of Saxonian Nephrologists
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Mrs. Ogarit Uhlmann: ogarit@fu-confirm.de,
P +49.341. 235.1880 F +49. 341. 235.2782

Mrs. Ulrike Kalteich, kalteich@web.de, P +49.162.95223314
Website: www.nephro-leipzig.de/era-cm.html
Short Description
As a new module of our CME courses, in early March 2014, we will present the world´s first hands-on teaching course to manage
resistant hypertension. In that field, a bunch of technological development has been happened during last years. Chronic
baroreceptor activating therapy (BAT) and renal nerve denervation (RND) are under intensive scientific debate concerning their
potency to improve management of resistant hypertension. Our course will not only focus on practical procurement of these new
device-driven techniques, but aims to adress pathophysiological background, epidemiology and daily "how to" of pharmacological
practice. In lectures and workshops, leading medical-scientific figures will provide latest knowledge in the field and thereby enable
participants to critically appraise indication and differential therapy by weighing advantages and disadvantages of the particular
approaches. Participants will moreover get the opportunity to practice and experience device techniques both in simulation, video
presentations and real life procedures.
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Details/General Information
Website: www.nephro-leipzig.de/era-cm.html
Course Programme
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