Renal Transplantation In The Elderly

Parma Italy

November 28, 2014
Parma, Italy
Organising Society/Institution/University
DESCARTES ERA-EDTA Working Group; Universita’ Di Medicina Di Parma
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Umberto Maggiore

E-mail: umberto_maggiore@hotmail.com
Tel (Office): +390521033209
Fax: +390521033185
Short Description
The course will provide an in-depth review on the current knowledge on kidney transplantation in elderly recipients. The proportion of renal transplantation in the elderly subjects is increasing worldwide, yet the knowledge on the benefit ok kidney transplantation in this category of subjects and on the safety/efficacy of different immunosuppressive is scanty. The course is intended to synthetize the best knowledge acquired so far as well as to let attendees to interact with the best expert in the field and to discuss with them practical issues.
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