5th meeting – Uremic toxins and cardiovascular disease

Prague Czech Republic

June 27-29, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic
Organising Society/Institution/University
Czech Society of Nephrology in collaboration with EUTOX
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Prof. Vladimir Tesar, MD, PhD, vladimir.tesar@vfn.cz ;
00420 224962696
00420 224962585
Short Description
5th meeting on Uremic toxicity and Cardiovascular Disease will continue the tradition of the previous meetings on that topic in Wuerzburg, Oxford, Amiens and Groningen and will gather the leading expert in the field providing to the participants a unique update of the recent experimental and clinical studies in this very important field.
Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of morbidity/mortality in patients with CKD and ESRD. With the aging population the number of patients with CKD and ESRD is steadily increasing all over the world. In the symposium epidemiology of CKD related to the new KDIGO CKD classification (P.de Jong) will be related to the data from German and French CKD cohorts (K.U.Eckardt, B.Stengel). Two symposia will be dedicated to the clinical presentations of cardiovascular disease in CKD: left ventricle hypertrophy (A.Levin), coronary heart disease (T.Drueke), heart failure (C.Zoccali), myocardial stunning during dialysis (C. McIntyre), pulmonary hypertension (D.Bolignano), sudden death (C.Wanner) and atrial fibrillation (A.Covic). Another symposium will cover the pathophysiological aspects of cardiovascular disease in CKD: leukocyte dysfunction (G.Glorieux), vascular calcification (Z.Massy), vascular stiffness (G.London) and intradialytic hypotension and its predictors (A.Davenport). Session on biomarkers will include inflammation markers (P.Stenvinkel), adipokines (A.Wiecek), bone-related biomarkers (M.Ketteler) and pregnancy-associated plasma protein (M.Kalousova). In the session dedicated to the interventions in uremic toxins and CV protection special attention will be paid to diet and nutritional supplements (A.Ikizler), intestinal absorbents of uremic toxins (P.Evenopoel), peritoneal dialysis (W. van Biesen) and hemodiafiltration (P.Blankestijn). Finally, large recent or planned outcome trials will be reviewed in the last session: inhibition of renin-angiotensin system (R.Schmieder), lipid-lowering (M.Tonelli), calcimimetics (D.Wheeler), vitamin K (J.Floege) and new approaches (D. de Zeeuw). Two symposia of EUTOX will be related to compiling the identified uremic solutes and demonstrating uremic retention solutes toxicity in cell systems.
The aim of the meeting is to provide the participants with the recent progress in the pathophysiology, clinical presentation and treatment of cardiovascular disease in CKD and ESRD in relation to uremic toxicity.
Scientific content of the educational event:
A high level scientific update will be given in the following area of Uremic toxins and cardiovascular diseae:
Sessions (60 – 90 minutes including discussion) – detailed programme enclosed
1) From Jan Brod to Uremic Toxins: I.Rychlik, Prague, Czech Republic, R.Gansevoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
2) Cardiovascular disease in CKD – clinical presentations I – Z. Massy, Paris, France
3) Cardiovascular disease in CKD – clinical presentations II – C.Wanner, Wuerzburg, Germany
4) Pathophysiology of CVD in CKD – D.Goldsmith, London, UK, G.Spasovski, Skoplje, Macedonia
5) Biomarkers for renal/CV outcome – P.Brunet, Marseille, France, A.Wiecek, Katowice, Poland
6) Intervention in uremic “toxins” and CV protection – E.Ritz, Heidelberg, Germany, P.Blankestijn, Utrecht, the Netherlands
7) Large outcome trials on renal/CV endpoints – D.Wheeler, London, UK, J.Floege, Aachen, Germany
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Course Programme
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