Humoral mediators and the kidney

Prague Czech Republic

January 24-25, 2014

Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic
Organising Society/Institution/University
Czech Society of Nephrology
Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Prof. Ivan Rychlik
e-mail: ivan.rychlik@gmail.com
tel. +420-26716 8104
fax: +420-26716 8109
Website: www.nefrol.cz
Short Description
In the last years, there was a significant progress in our understanding of the pathogenesis and mechanisms of renal diseases as well as of kidney transplant. Humoral mediatores represent one of the most important area and a basement of successful therapy.
The aim of this one-day ERA-EDTA CME course, which will be the traditional 14th Prague Postgraduate Training Course endorsed by the Czech Society of Nephrology, is to review these new findings in humoral mediatores in renal diseases with the impact on following topics: 1/ Bone and the kidney, 2/ Heart, vessels and the kidney, 3/ Fat, muscules and the kidney, 4/ mediatores of CKD and its complications.
The course is targeted to junior nephrologists, moderately advanced, internists and researchers, who are interested in the management of patients with these kind diseases.
The course will be accompanied by the “Meet the expert” session to allow the participants to exchange knowledge in clinical practice with European leading nephrologists and interactive case-report session.
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Website: www.nefrol.cz
Course Programme
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