Renal Replacement Therapy – when & how – update on the outcome and cost-efficacy

Skopje R. Macedonia

September 27, 2014
Conference hall of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje, R. Macedonia
Organising Society/Institution/University
Macedonian Society of Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation and Artificial Organs (MSNDTAO)
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Prof. Dr. Goce Spasovski
University Department of Nephrology, Medical Faculty, University of Skopje
Vodnjanska 17, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia.
E-mail: spasovski.goce@gmail.com
Website: http://mzndtvo.wix.com/mzndtvo, http://mzndtvo.eu.tf
Short Description
Kidney transplantation is the best treatment option compared to all other RRT modalities. But, even cheaper would be if the patients' progression to CKD may be retarded. Here, kidney urinary proteomic analysis could be of help discriminating the progressors vs. non-progressors. AKI treatment is important since a great proportion of treated patients may have a sequel of worsened kidney function. When is the right time for a preemptive kidney transplantation is still a matter of debate. Various complications in RRT are discussed in the second session (hormonal abnormalities in RRT, malignancies and vascular access complications). Cost efficacy of the RRT is discussed in the third session pointing out direct comparison between various RRTs, the use of generics in kidney transplantation and prevention and treatment of various comorbidities in CKD and various type of RRTs.
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Website: http://mzndtvo.wix.com/mzndtvo, http://mzndtvo.eu.tf
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