Master course in Hypertension :Hypertension -Electrolytes and the Kidney

Monroe Hotel Beirut, Minet Al Hosn
Beirut Lebanon

March 26-28, 2015

Monroe Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon
Organising Society/Institution/University

Local Coordinator/Contact Person for information
Dr. Edgard Nasr,

St George University Medical Center-University of Balamand


Beirut, Lebanon

E-mail: drnasr@inco.com.lb
Short Description
Master Course in Hypertension
Hypertension ,Electrolytes and Kidney
March 26-28 , 2015
-RenoVascular Hypertension Revisited :To intervene or not intervene ? A.Wiecek
-Nephroprotection :Where we are in 2015? A.Wiecek
-Hypertension in Systemic diseases A.Wiecek
-Pheocromocytoma : An updating of Genetic Profiling ,Diagnosis and treatment A.Januszewicz.
-The RAS System and Long term Outcome in Malignant HTN A Revisited clinical problem A.Januszewicz
-Epidemic of Primary Hyperaldosteronism Facts and Myths A.Januwewicz
-Approach to HTN and Hypokalemia Local
-CKD as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor P.Blankestijin
--Kidney and Renin Angiotensin System P.Blankestijin
-Sympathetic Denervation in Nephrology & Hypertension P.Blankestijin
- -Approach to HypoNatremia , the ERA-EDTAGuidelines Wim V. Biesen
-B.P Targets in CKD and diabetic patients Wim. V.Biesen
-The Intertitium as a Na sensor and the Immune system as a Regulator of Volume and B.P homeostasis
--Salt intake, Hypertension and kidney damage
-Novel Aspects of RAAS
-Atrial Natriuretic Peptides –Relevance to HTN and Metabolic diseases C. Zoccali
- -Volume dependant Factors in HTN in ESRD C.Zoccali
-Role of Nitric Oxyde Inhibition in CKD and CKD Progression C.Zoccal
-HTN in APKD Local
-HTN in Women Local
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E-mail: drnasr@inco.com.lb
Course Programme
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